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The main performance of EVA hot melt adhesive

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Update time : 2021-01-17 16:21:29
Main properties of EVA hot melt adhesive

1. Softening point
The softening point is the temperature at which the hot melt adhesive starts to flow. It can be used as a rough measure of the heat resistance, melting difficulty, and exposure time of the adhesive. It is also reference data for choosing a hot melt adhesive.
2. Brookfield viscosity
Brookfield viscosity is a measure of hot melt adhesive flow and important data for the melt coating process. The viscosity is related to the coating, wetting, penetrating, and wire drawing phenomenon of the adherend.

3. Opening hours
The open time refers to the time from applying the glue to the adhesion of the adherend after a period of effective exposure, and after curing, it has good bonding performance. After this time, the bonding performance is greatly reduced, or even bonding, This is an important process performance of hot melt adhesive. The main factors that affect the exposure time are the glue temperature, glue amount, coating method, and ambient temperature. Types of adhered materials, adherend preheating temperature and thermal conductivity, etc. In actual use, the glue should be glued quickly to ensure sufficient bonding performance.
4. Shear strength
Shear strength refers to the ability of a material to withstand shearing force, which refers to the strength limit when the external force is perpendicular to the material axis and exerts a shearing action on the material.
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