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Can EVA furniture hot melt adhesive be used at 160℃?

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Author : Nancy
Update time : 2020-12-21 16:07:53
Can EVA furniture hot melt adhesive be used at 160℃?

There are many types of hot melt adhesive products, which are divided into hot melt glue sticks, hot melt adhesive pellets, and hot melt adhesive films. Many people think that hot-melt adhesive pellets are called hot-melt adhesives. After all, they can be used at 160 degrees Celsius, but the pellets may not be usable at 160 degrees Celsius. Hot melt adhesive pellets produced under different formulations should also be used at different temperatures. Some hot-melt adhesive pellets need to be used at relatively high temperatures. For example, high-temperature edge-sealing hot melt adhesive pellets are one of them, and their use temperature can reach 180 to 210°C.
Someone may ask: Will such a high temperature melt the substrate?
Of course, there are reasons for using 180℃. Hot melt adhesives are generally developed for gluing needs. If the edge banding strips are melted off, then such edge banding hot melt adhesive pellets will be developed It makes no sense.
Can it be used at a lower temperature?
Hot melt adhesive pellets, like hot melt adhesives in other applications, also have corresponding operating temperatures. It is not said that using a lower temperature for gluing is not allowed, but the premise is that it must be suitable for the glue demand! For example, the use temperature of this hot melt adhesive is 160 to 180 ℃, and when it reaches 120 ℃, it will dissolve into a liquid state, but this time the glue will be very thick, that is, the fluidity is very poor, and the glue maybe It will be uneven and difficult to glue. Therefore, in most applications, it is generally recommended to reach the specified use temperature for gluing, so that the hot melt adhesive pellets can exert the best performance.
160°C seems to be the standard for the gluing temperature, right?
Of course, there is no such saying! There are also many models of hot melt adhesives for many industrial applications. Different formulations will have different performance parameters. Just refer to the parameter values ​​when using them.