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What Is EVA Edge Banding Hot Melt Adhesive?

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Update time : 2018-10-10 17:49:33
           Edge-banding hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive specially used for the bonding of artificial boards. It is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive. When the hot melt adhesive is heated to a certain temperature, that is, from a solid state to a molten state, when applied to the surface of the artificial board substrate or the edge sealing material, it is cooled to a solid state, and the material is bonded to the substrate.

            From the late 1970s, hot melt adhesives began to enter the wood industry for edge sealing, plywood core, panel splicing, furniture splicing, etc. Early hot melt adhesive equipment relied mainly on the United States, West Germany, Italy and other countries. 
           With the maturity and stability of China's hot melt adhesive equipment, the selection and use of hot melt adhesive equipment suitable for the specific conditions of each furniture factory can not only improve the quality and grade of furniture, but also improve production efficiency and reduce the difficulty of panel repair. To reduce the labor intensity of workers.