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Understand yellow transparent coating glue(2)

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Author : Nancy
Update time : 2020-09-11 18:43:40

Understand yellow transparent coating glue(2)

How to use coating glue:
1. Under normal circumstances, PVC woodgrain film can be glued on one side, and it can be applied by roller coating.
2. The gluing must be uniform and the thickness must be consistent to ensure that there is no lack of glue and no glue accumulation. The thickness of the glue can be adjusted appropriately according to the thickness of the film and the weather.
3.It is recommended that the filming time after applying the glue be shorter in the dry and high temperature summer or autumn, and it can be appropriately longer in the wet and low temperature spring and winter. Touch the glued surface with your fingers to feel quick-drying and sticky hands. Positive static pressure fit is appropriate. The specific time can only be determined by the customer according to the thickness of the glue, the speed of the strip and the level of related materials and the ambient temperature.

1. The effective homoeothermy sealed shelf life of this product is one year.
2. The unused glue must be sealed to prevent the volatilization of the solvent and the action of air from thickening and aging the glue and affecting the quality of the product. The glue that has been opened is best used within 10 days.
3. When encountering materials that are particularly difficult to bond, the substrate can be surface treated (using our company's treatment agent, without affecting the quality), and then bonding can achieve the desired effect.
4. Keep away from fire sources and keep clean and ventilated production sites.

5. Do not peel off immediately after bonding, so the adhesive layer is not fully cured, and the strength is not reflected. After 24 hours or longer, the adhesive layer can be completely cured. At this time, peeling can damage the substrate. The details vary depending on the weather and material.