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The panels of the custom closet are not environmentally friendly. Will the formaldehyde be released too much if it is not sealed?

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Update time : 2018-10-31 14:18:12
      Someone asked: "The partition of the custom closet needs to be sealed on the side? The board is not environmentally friendly. Will there be too much formaldehyde release when it is not sealed?" Obviously, there are two misunderstandings in this topic. Today, I will answer this question with everyone. doubt.
      Is it important to seal the sheet?
      Is it necessary to seal the edges around the board?
The answer is yes! And it is recommended that four surface seals, the process is also good! The furniture edge band is a material that protects, decorates and beautifies the section of the furniture sheet. It can make a piece of furniture show the overall effect of clear and colorful wood grain.
      Does the pvc edge band seal the formaldehyde?
      It doesn't matter if the furniture board is not environmentally friendly?
wrong! Some consumers think that the pvc edge banding has already sealed the internal formaldehyde, so I think that no matter how cheap the purchase, what grade of the furniture board has no effect on the home. In fact, it is very wrong!
      For long-term use of furniture, no matter whether the board meets environmental protection requirements, whether the board does not release harmful substances, edge banding is very important! Whether the edge banding is good or not is also an effective basis for testing a brand.

pvc wood grain edge banding

      The national market delineation of E2 grade plates must be processed to reach the E1 scale for indoor use, and E1 grade panels can be used directly indoors. Then, edge sealing is a way of dealing with it. If the surface treatment has no effect, then the market will not stipulate it. It will only stipulate that only E1 plates can be used indoors.
      The same is the E1 grade sheet, one side seal and four side seals are E1 grade, but one side of the seal is released after one side seal, and 0.6 units of formaldehyde is released after four sides seal. Some people will say that they are released in the same room for 10 years, so it doesn't matter. However, because the house is ventilated, the amount of release in the same hour can be different. In other words, in this hour, you are inhaling the difference between 1 and 0.6.
      In addition to the decorative effect, the main function of the pvc edge banding is three (and why is it important to seal the edges!):
      The first is to seal the section of the sheet to achieve the disadvantages of eliminating the environment and using it;
      The second is to prevent formaldehyde volatilization inside the board;
       Third, it also has a very important impact on moisture protection. If the furniture plate enters the water, it will be scrapped!
edge banding for furniture

      It can be seen that the importance of sealing is great, and the quality of sealing is the pivotal factor for overhauling the quality and quality of furniture.
      So not only must the edge be sealed, the process is better! canton Tianyuan•Hori edge banding, using imported excellent technology, imported raw materials, high-quality printing technology, quality control layer by layer, make your furniture more environmentally friendly!