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(二) What type of temperature is hot melt adhesive? how to use it? Professionals tell you

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Update time : 2018-10-12 18:23:02
Medium temperature hot melt adhesive
      Product properties: EVA edge-sealing hot melt adhesive, solid white particles, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
      Product features: wide application range, long opening time; good heat resistance, low temperature resistance; good fluidity, fine glue line, low glue consumption

      Technical parameters: Viscosity value 30,000mpa.s (Brinell) density at 180 ° C 1.35g / cm
      Softening point 83 ° C (ring and ball method) Resistance to hot spots 62 ° C Operating parameters: material temperature > 15 ° C ambient temperature > 15 ° C material moisture content 8% -10% glue tank temperature 140 - 150 ° C rubber roller temperature 150 - 180 ° C Pressure 3--5kg/cm2 Feed rate >4 m/min

      Scope of application: Suitable for manual curved edge banding machine and small semi-automatic linear edge banding machine; suitable for edge sealing materials such as PVC, ABS, polyester, veneer, decorative paper; small automatic sealing for 8-12 m/min feeding speed Side edge machine and manual edge banding machine with a feed rate of 4-8 m/min;