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(一) What type of temperature is hot melt adhesive? how to use it? Professionals tell you

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Update time : 2018-10-11 17:10:11
Low temperature hot melt adhesive
      Product properties: EVA edge-sealing hot melt adhesive, appearance of white particles, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
      Product features: Wide application range, long opening time; suitable for manual / semi-automatic edge banding machine; good fluidity, less glue consumption;
      Technical parameters:
Viscosity value 25,000mpa.s (Brinell) at 150 °C
Density 1.35g/cm    
Softening point 80°C (ring and ball method) Anti-hot spot 58°C
Operating parameters: Material temperature>15 °C
Ambient temperature>15°C
Material moisture content 8%--10%
Glue temperature 120--130°C
Rubber roll temperature 130--150 °C
pressure 3--5kg/cm2 feed rate >4 m/min

      Scope of application: Suitable for PVC, ABS, decorative paper and other edge-sealing materials, especially 0.4mm thick and low temperature resistant PVC edge banding; manual/semi-automatic curved edge banding machine for 4--6m/min feed speed;