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Introduction of EVA edge banding hot melt adhesive by temperature(2) 

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Author : Nancy
Update time : 2020-06-28 17:24:30
Introduction of EVA edge banding hot melt adhesive by temperature(2)

Low-temperature hot melt adhesive:
The low-temperature hot-melt adhesive has the advantages of low melting point, good melting and remelting properties, long opening period, and not easy to burn the edge banding. It is suitable for material fixing, wood chip splicing, and plate edge banding. Especially suitable for melamine, paper edge, veneer, thin PVC edge banding. Suitable for manual and semi-automatic edge banding machine. Softening point: 80℃-100℃ Operating temperature: 140℃-160℃

Medium temperature hot melt adhesive:
Medium temperature hot melt adhesive can be widely used for edge banding of plates of various thicknesses and materials. Such as thin wood chips, PVC, PS, ABS, and other materials. It has good adaptability to automatic high-speed edge banding machine and semi-automatic edge banding machine and solves the troubles of machine maintenance caused by long-term use of high temperature (above 200℃). Softening point: 80℃-120℃, operating temperature 160℃-180℃.

High-temperature hot melt adhesive:
The high-temperature hot-melt adhesive has strong initial adhesion and high bonding strength, which can meet the bonding of wood, fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, MDF board, and other wood with decorative materials such as PVC sheet, melamine sheet, facial paper and so on. Suitable for linear edge banding and soft forming of various edge bands. Particularly suitable for use in thick PVC edge banding and in low operating environments. Softening point: 90℃-120℃ Operating temperature: 180℃-210℃.