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How to choose a good PVC furniture edge banding manufacturer

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Update time : 2020-09-19 20:16:14

How to choose a good PVC furniture edge banding manufacturer
Modern furniture pays attention to practicality and beauty. Choosing a beautiful and exquisite furniture edge band is also the standard configuration of most high-end furniture. Good high-quality furniture edge banding can play a decorative and beautifying effect to a large extent, giving people a beautiful and generous feeling, and can effectively inhibit the release of formaldehyde and prevent possible damage to the furniture during daily use. Therefore, a good edge banding treatment is very important for ecological furniture. At the same time, the quality of furniture edge banding processing is also a key factor affecting consumers' evaluation of furniture.
However, there are countless large and small companies that make furniture edge banding on the market, and of course the quality is uneven. Faced with this situation, many wooden door manufacturers may be guilty of choice phobia. How to judge the quality of edge banding, and how to choose a reliable furniture edge banding manufacturer?

1. Choose edge banding and talk about brand
Although brand is just a word, it contains a lot of gold. Brand building is the key to a company's foothold in the market, and it cannot be sloppy. Compared with other industries, the consumer viscosity of furniture is low, so companies must establish a good brand awareness and increase the added value of products. With the development of production technology, furniture edge banding has made great progress in material and technology. To choose a good edge banding strip, the standard is of course the brand manufacturer, and the product quality can pass the test, withstanding the test of the market and the recognition of the wooden door manufacturer.

2. Choose edge banding and talk about category
There are many standards for choosing a custom furniture edge banding strip, many product categories, and manufacturers have many choices. Guangzhou Hori not only has a wide range of products, but also specializes in the production of PVC sealing strips, decorative strips, edge banding strips, hard PVC extrusion profiles and other products. In terms of physical properties, its adhesion, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance are also excellent. Fully meet the needs of customization. Widely used in electrical appliances, sanitary ware, lighting, furniture, auto parts, building materials and other industries. Based on the tenet of "survive by quality and develop by service", the company has been recognized by customers in various industries. .
3. Choose edge banding and stress environmental protection
In the information age, all information has become very transparent, consumers' cognitive ability has also been greatly improved, and people are paying more and more attention to health, and excessive formaldehyde in furniture has become a concern for consumers when buying furniture. problem. From the perspective of industry personnel, the traditional furniture industry did not talk about environmental protection in the past, and the entire market is highly price-sensitive. The practice of "pursuing quantity and winning at low prices" is not uncommon. However, as people's awareness of environmental protection increases, environmental protection is not only a concept in furniture companies. Many well-known furniture manufacturers have an important standard when purchasing materials. Environmental protection.