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Everything you need to know about edge banding adhesives

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Update time : 2018-08-21 14:06:54
      To achieve a perfect edge banding, except for high quality veneer and panel, well running equipment, experienced workers and right process control, choose the right adhesive is also very important
      Hot melt adhesives are generally 100% solids formulations based on thermoplastic polymers. They are solid at room temperature and are activated upon heating above their softening point, at which stage they are liquid, and hence can be processed. After application, they retain the ability to wet the substrate until they solidify. Upon solidification, they return to a physical state that has structural integrity and can function as an adhesive. The high viscosity of the melt makes them particularly suitable for porous and permeable substrates which otherwise would be more difficult to bond with a solvent system.
      A feature of hot melts is that on cooling they very rapidly build up their internal strength allowing rapid assembly and further processing. Because they are based on thermoplastic polymers, hot melts can be repeatedly heated to melt and cooled to solidify.
      In china, we recognize the need for high quality and performance products, so our range of Edge banding Hot Melt Adhesive's have been specially formulated and choose to meet the needs of the user.

Fully-Automatic -PVC, melamine, wood
Fully-Automatic-PVC, wood, Melamine, veneer, ABS
High speed Fully-Automatic -PVC、Melamine, Veneer, wood, ABS
In addition to the above edge banding adhesives, Tianyuan Hori also offer Pvc veneer white glue. Customize solutions also available to meet the requirements for most kinds of equipment and different operation processes.