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(2) Ten questions about environmentally-sealed hot-melt adhesives, the original furniture edge-sealing is like this!

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Update time : 2018-10-27 00:08:36
6. What kinds of conditions do hot-melt granules often appear in the edge of furniture?
①. Black edge phenomenon: The hot melt machine has not been cleaned for a long time, and the rubber itself has a carbonization phenomenon.
②, the edge band is not sticky; the strip itself or the surface of the wood is dusty; the temperature of the machine is adjusted too low, so that the temperature of the material itself is low, not reaching a certain strength.
③. The surface of the edge banding is uneven: the opening period of the hot melt granule glue has been applied during the operation, or the temperature is too low to make the hot melt granule glue not completely melted.

7. Why does the hot-melt granule glue often eject the glue?
①. The melting point of the colloid itself is too low;
②. The power of the sol machine is too high and there is no regulating valve.
8. What are the characteristics of environmentally-sealed hot-melt granules?
①. The solid content is 100%, and there is a vacant filling property, which avoids the defects such as deformation, misalignment and shrinkage of the adherend due to edge rolling, air bubbles and cracking. Because there is no solvent, there is no change in the moisture content of the wood, and there is no danger of fire and poisoning;
②, fast bonding, glue and bonding distance is no more than a few seconds, saw head and trimming can be completed in 24 seconds, no drying time, can be used for continuous, automated wood bonding line, greatly improved Production efficiency, saving plant cost;
③, wide use, suitable for bonding various materials;
④, can be a few times of bonding, that is, coated on the wood hot melt granules, due to cooling and solidification did not meet the requirements, can be reheated for secondary bonding.

9. What is the appearance, melting point, viscosity and hardness of the edge-sealing hot-melt granules?
Appearance: pure white in the form of yellowish granules; melting point: 80-85 ° C; viscosity: 20000-60000 (180 ° C); relative hardness: 70-80%; curing speed: 8-10 seconds.
10. What is the market outlook?
Environmentally-friendly edge-sealing hot-melt granules are green, non-polluting and environmentally friendly adhesives. With the increasing market demand, the development of science and technology is becoming more and more widely used. With the advantages of non-toxic and non-polluting, it is suitable to replace the flux type glue in the advantages of automatic production line, fast control speed and low cost, and get more attention.